The lost treasure

The lost treasure
Fabricant : Usborne
Modèle : USB4616
Disponibilité : 2 - 3 Jours
Prix : 5,65€
H.T : 5,14€

A valuable Roman treasure is uncovered by one of Amy’s feathery friends and rumours spread across the island of a whole hoard of treasure. Islanders leave no stone unturned in search of the buried booty, uprooting the animals’ homes. Can Amy help them without revealing the secret of her magic necklace?

  • Welcome to the world of Amy Wild, where dogs tell their secrets, cats perform rescue missions, and an entire island is squeaking and squawking with animal magic!
  • Animal lovers everywhere will be instantly enchanted by this Dr. Dolittle for a new generation.


Age 7+
Pages 112
Type de livre Livre de poche
Collection Amy Wild, Animal Talker
Illustrateur Desideria Gucciardini

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