Mr. Topsy-Turvy

Mr. Topsy-Turvy
Fabricant : Egmont
Modèle : EGM0522
Disponibilité : 2 - 3 Jours
Prix : 3,07€
H.T : 2,79€

Mr Topsy Turvy was a funny sort of a fellow. Everything about him was either upside down, or inside out, or back to from - topsy turvy in fact. Now, this story is all about the time Mr Topsy Turvy came to the town where you and I live. What will Mr Topsy Turvy do in the town that's not so topsy turvy?


Age 3+
Pages 36
Type de livre Livre de poche
Collection Monsieur et Madame
Auteur/Editeur Roger Hargreaves
Illustrateur Roger Hargreaves

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